About the Artist

Curt was born in 1946 in Santa Paula, California.  In 1949, he moved to Cedar Hill, New Mexico.  His parents owned a general store and small farm.

He began drawing as a youth and continued his interest in art during high school.  In 1964, the family moved back to Santa Paula where they lived a few years before his parents returned to New Mexico.  During his senior year at Santa Paula High School, he concentrated on his art and won awards in advanced oils and watercolors.

In 2007, after retiring from a long and successful career in the financial sector of a major engineering and construction company, he returned to his art specializing in oil painting while taking advanced art classes at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico.  He credits his art instructor, Professor William V. Hatch, for inspiring him to renew his interest in art.

His first body of work that he calls the “Mountain Series”, depicts dramatic landscapes of mountains and other scenes found in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado where he enjoyed hunting and fishing as a boy.  Using a digital camera, he has visited many sites of beautiful scenery where he visually surveys the area to obtain a feel for the terrain that he portrays in his paintings. The results are beautiful scenic paintings that illustrate his unique style and skill with color and composition.  He recently completed a new mini-series of paintings of "Floral Designs".  Curt and his wife Susan reside in Flora Vista, New Mexico.

STUDIED                                            MEMBERSHIPS                                  EXHIBITED

Los Angeles Art Center                     Four Corners Art Association               Farmington Museum
Old Dominion University                  Vice President  (2010 - 2013)               Civic Center
San Juan College                                Feat of Clay Gallery (2010 - 2015)      Durango, Colorado                            
                                                            Treasurer,  President                            Ouray, Colorado
                                                                                                                         Aztec, New Mexico     

                                                                                                                         San Juan College